Developer Bastian

Developer Bastian

An Unreal journey building a game based on Lyra - without C++

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Developer Bastian

Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Journey

A non-programming approach to a Survival game based on Unreal Engine and Lyra

I started my Unreal journey mid 2022 and quickly got confused and overwhelmed about the right way to do things. After 6 months, I decided to document my way to a simple survival multiplayer game, fully based on Unreal Lyra - as recommended as a basis for new games.

This will be a Blueprint-only approach, no C++ required. Having said that, I will show how to set up a programming environment in the background - simply because Lyra actually relies on that and it will be anyway a logical next step on my - and possibly yours - gameplay development path.

Expect more than a year dedication into learning this.


I will document everything

Why using Unreal Lyra?

The most advanced concept in terms of segregation of layers seems to be is Unreal Lyra - also see X157 for a technial discussionto use it or not

Why do I put so much focus on seperation of game logic, visuals and helper functions? That is the only way to keep things scalable (in terms of team work and technology) and easily adapt to cloud services from my experience. This is where the Gameplay Ability - GAS feature comes into play: Lyra heavily utlized this, but adds so much quality features to it that we now finally can design GAS driven gameplay without doing any programming - just reusing Lyra BPs and concepts.

Lyra as toolbox

Lyra for me is a toolbox that extends and abstracts the GAS concepts to make them much more user friendly while ensuring scalability and multiplayer. This makes it a great starting point for new games - I honestly don’t understand Epic stopping half way and not making this a standard abstracted set of template with better documentation. And of course supporting this in the marketplace - due to the abstraction level you actually could sell Gameplay Actions that can be connected to all game elements without overwriting any existing logic.